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CARB to consider amendments to Portable Equipment rule

After two years of negotiations and review with CIAQC and other stakeholders, CARB has finally produced the proposed amendments to the ATCM (Air Toxic Control Measure) and the PERP (Portable Equipment Registration Program) governing portable equipment 50HP and higher.

There are many positive changes to the rules. Fleets are being given an extra two years for compliance. Exemptions are being added for second engines if one is included in the Off-Road rule, engines used exclusively for emergencies and equipment designated for hazardous locations. The low-use definition is being increased from 80 hours to 200 hours annually. Large fleets are being given the option of using the fleet average calculation or Tier phase out option. Credits are being given for fleets that did early compliance. Finally, CARB has recognized that the high horse power equipment cannot meet the standards set by the rule.

While there is much to like about the amendments there are some concerns as well. Registration fees will be increased about $200 for the three-year registration. There is a completely new provision requiring reporting to South Coast Air Quality Management District and San Joaquin Air Quality Management District any time there is more than 2500 HP of portable equipment on a job site. And 38% of the fleet would have to be replaced by the 2023 deadline.

WE NEED YOUR INPUT. Please review the linked documents and let CIAQC know any additional concerns you have on the proposed amendments. We plan on testifying at the November 16th hearing and we will continue working with CARB to resolve implementation issues.

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