Attention Contractors!

Urgent Attention Needed

Workshop for Proposed Changes to the Portable Engine ATCM and the PERP Regulation November 10 at 10am.

If you own portable equipment registered under the CARB PERP, we need your input.

For months we have been working with CARB to make amendments to the PERP program to simplify the program and make it easier for Contractors to comply and stay in compliance.

Without warning, CARB has not proposed to accelerate the turnover of PERP engines statewide on the following schedule.

Tier 2 engines would be turned over by 2022 for large fleets and 2023 for small fleets (previously these dates were 2023 and 2025.)

Tier 3 engines would be turned over a year sooner as well beginning in 2025.

We need to understand the financial impact on these changes to your fleet.

CARB has scheduled a workshop on this proposed change for November 10 at 10am. Workshop materials are available here:

You may participate by viewing the workshop broadcast at

Please advise CIAQC immediately of any negative impacts this rule change will have on your fleet and your company. We want to speak on behalf of all the industry on this matter.

November Presentation:

Draft PERP Language:

Draft Portable Engine ATCM:

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