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California Air Resources Board Regulatory Advisory for Truck & Bus Regulation — Early Access to Certain Approved Amendments and Low-Mileage Work Truck Option

July 31, 2014 Reporting Deadline for Some Provisions Including Low-Mileage Work Truck and Small Fleet Options

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) approved amendments to the Truck & Bus Regulation in April 2014, and these changes will be finalized later this year. Fleet owners may take advantage of the April amendments now and must act by July 31, 2014 in some cases to qualify for some of the changes.

Please review ARB's Regulatory Advisory >>> click here <<< to see how the changes to the Truck & Bus Regulation might impact your fleet and whether or not the July 31, 2014 deadline applies to you. Amendments to the Truck and Bus Regulation include provisions for the Low Mileage Work Truck Phase-in Option, Low Use Exemption, NOx Exempt Area Extension, and Small Fleet Option among others.

For more information about the Truck and Bus Regulation see:

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