California Air Resources Board Announces August is Clean Truck Month — A Statewide Enforcement Campaign to Focus on Compliance and Education

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is geared up and its inspectors and enforcement teams are fanning out across the state this month to "do everything in our power to make sure truckers know the rules and that they understand how to comply." CARB is coordinating with other agencies such as the CHP to ensure that truck owners are in compliance with the Truck & Bus Regulation and is busy working on agreements to enlist other jurisdictions (local air districts, harbor police, etc.) to "help enforce" the diesel regulations. Do not be surprised to see someone other than a CARB employee conducting truck inspections.

Contractors with diesel trucks should be aware of CARB's enforcement campaign this month too. Recently, Paul Jacobs, Chief of CARB's Diesel Program Enforcement Brach explained to Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition (CIAQC) representatives that penalties for non-compliance can range between $500 to $1,000 per truck depending on the violation and other factors. CARB will be checking to make sure that truck owners have properly reported their fleet information, installed diesel particulate filters and replaced or upgraded engines and other requirements depending on the compliance path a fleet has chosen to follow. Click here to view the CARB Truck and Bus Regulation webpage.

If you are unsure of what the diesel regulations require for trucks and equipment and how they can affect you, CARB is offering a variety of training courses on their diesel regulations.

CIAQC must note here however that class attendees should be aware that CARB can and has used the information provided in course registrations and sign-in sheets to support their enforcement actions for regulation violations. If this is a concern to anyone that wants to attend a training course, CIAQC recommends registering and signing in without disclosing your company name or information. There are no requirements that actual names must be used to attend a training course.

If you are still interested in learning more about the diesel regulations from CARB, CARB is offering Training Course 512 that be held on September 13 in Riverside. Training Course 512 provides an overview of a variety of CARB's diesel vehicle and equipment regulations affecting on-road trucks, construction, mining and other off-road equipment. Pre-registration is required. Click here to see the 512 training course flyer.

CARB is also offering Training Course 514 August 15, 2012 in San Diego. This course covers the Truck & Bus Regulation including 1) Tractor-Trailer Green House Gas Regulation requirements, optional phase-in schedules, how to report; and 2) the Truck & Bus Regulation general requirements and "what to do after the reporting deadline?"

In addition for those located in southern California,, an authorized CARB contractor, will be conducting 514 courses on August 14 in Commerce, August 15 in Diamond Bar, August 16 in Camarillo and August 17 in Santa Clarita.

The training courses are free, and the schedule of classes can be found on their website at

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