CARB Suspends Sales of Cleaire LongMile and Allmetal Systems

Effective September 16, 2011 the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has suspended the sale, installation, leasing or offering for sale the Cleaire LongMile and Allmetal diesel emission control strategies and directed Cleaire to take remedial actions.  These systems are for use on on-road and off-road diesel engines.  CARB states in its letter to Cleaire dated September 17, 2011, that field experiences for these systems indicate that they do not comply with the conditions for their verification and "they may experience a catastrophic failure mode that was previously unknown, creating concerns about the safe deployment of these systems."

It is also worth noting that in its letter CARB provides:

"ARB staff also recognizes that many fleets have installed or ordered LongMile or AllMetal systems to comply or earn credits with ARB in-use fleet regulations. Under the terms of this letter, such fleets will be deemed in compliance with such regulations and will retain any credits they may have accrued by such actions while the terms of this letter are being met by Cleaire. ARB staff will issue a regulatory advisory to affected fleets to clarify this determination."

CIAQC will provide additional information about this subject as it becomes available.

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