South Coast AQMD Permit Application Penalty "Holiday"

To help protect the region's business climate and clean air interests during current economic conditions, the South Coast Air Quality Management District has established a temporary permit application penalty holiday. This amnesty program is designed to provide most businesses an opportunity to obtain AQMD air quality permits without incurring late fees or violation penalties.

Some facilities, especially small businesses, may be unaware of the requirements for air pollution permits for their operations, and the potential penalties for failing to obtain those permits. If a business does not have all required air quality permits to construct or operate certain equipment, and it is being brought into compliance with applicable rules and regulations, AQMD will not seek penalties for violation of rules that require such permits. In addition, AQMD will waive the normal higher processing fee for failing to obtain a permit. Businesses that come into compliance at this time could see cost savings (depending on equipment type) ranging from $300 to over $5,000. The business, however, will be required to pay normal permit processing fees.

If you are aware of businesses in your area currently operating equipment that emits or controls air pollution without proper air quality permits, please inform them of the benefits of this program. All facilities are eligible to participate, with the exception of certain equipment at large facilities known as Title V sources and facilities that have been discovered by AQMD and issued a Notice of Violation of rules requiring permit to construct or permit to operate.

For any businesses that plan to participate, we urge quick action as this six-month amnesty program is only in effect for applications submitted between Feb 5th and Aug 4th 2010. For more information, please contact AQMD at (909) 396-3385, or send an email to

Click here to see a copy of the South Coast AQMD Permit Application "Holiday" Flyer.

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